Glasgow as a Business Location

Glasgow is Scotland’s largest urban economy, with more than 12,000 companies located in the city supporting more than 443,000 jobs. The economy of Glasgow is dominated by service based industries with finance and business services, health, public administration and retail playing important roles. Now one of the sixteen largest financial centres in Europe, Glasgow is currently home to the headquarters of a growing number of financial sector companies.

An increase in investment in business, property and infrastructure has been seen year on year within the city. In preparing the city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow City council is investing in twenty major infrastructure projects within the city. In addition to this Glasgow is investing many millions of pounds into the city’s growing business base, Glasgow office space development and commercial property expansion. Glasgow also has the fastest growing employment base in the UK, attracting highly educated and creative people to the city.

The city of Glasgow is a dynamic and multicultural place which has grown and developed as a popular tourism destination, with a host of visitor attractions and more than 10,000 hotel bedrooms. The city of Glasgow is also the second largest retail shopping centre in the UK, with the Style Mile project recently launched to further enhance Glasgow’s reputation as a premier shopping destination.

Glasgow benefits from a sophisticated transportation system and the 2nd largest urban rail network in the UK. The city is also home to Glasgow Prestwick Airport and Glasgow International Airport and the main bus terminal is the Buchanan bus station.